Sarder Inc. is passionately committed to helping its portfolio companies succeed.

We deeply believe that teams can win.


At AI Certs™, our mission is to certify and empower 1 billion individuals with premier AI and Blockchain certifications. Join us in our mission to shape the AI and Blockchain industry!

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At NetCom Learning, our purpose is to promote lifelong learning, and we're on a mission to grow profitably by becoming the most trusted learning organization.

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NetCom Learning has a presence in India and is involved in outsourcing. 1 It is also part of Sarder Inc, which is comprised of several corporations including AI Certs (Certifications), etc..

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Unlock your full potential at NetCom Learning, where we value your unique skills and support your professional growth through cutting-edge technology integration.

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Sarder TV is an Idea Sharing Platform. It is an Interview Version of TED publishing High Quality Video Content from Fortune 1000 Leaders & Best Selling Authors.

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